Don’t just listen Obey! Part 3

I apologize for taking so long in between post and wanted to finish sharing how God used us on this trip before we head back down this coming weekend.

The last thing I shared was that we had just pulled off the interstate at the Hammond exit and after doing some research we headed to the police station. When we arrived at the station we were all tired and worn out from a full day of work but knew we had half a trailer of supplies to unload still. Adam got out and went in to talk to the police officers and share with them why we were there. A few minutes later Adam appeared with 5 police officers. As we dropped the trailer door they just looked in awe. We explained they were our last stop and we were going to leave them everything left in the trailer. They said that was great and that they had a shelter that could use every bit of what we had. Two of the officers shared with us that their homes still had water in them and we knew exactly what we needed to do. We gave them supplies to help their clean up process and knew that they were the exact reason we got off the exit and ended up at this place.  What was amazing was as we carried heavy stuff to their cars we would turn around and our kids were carrying stuff as well and not having to be told to help. After we gave them supplies we looked in the trailer and realized that we still had plenty of supplies to go to the shelter and we needed to unload them somewhere. The opened the door to their training room and we proceeded to unload the trailer full of cloths, water, cleaning supplies, toiletries, toys, blankets, garbage bags and much more. As we unloaded one of the officers shared his story with Shyla and Erica and we could not help but feel we had to do something more for him. They felt a connection with him and shared with me later that they were not done building that relationship and learning more about him. Before we left we asked if we could pray with them . We circled up and prayed for their safety, dedication, families and community as they rebounded from this amazing flood. As we prayed you could feel God’s presences. We grabbed a photo with them and jumped in the van. We had a long day ahead of us still as we needed to eat dinner, shower and get back home before Sunday morning services. God gave us just enough energy to make it through the day. He provided for us throughout the day and we just simply had to listen and obey.

As I drove through the night chatting with Nesha, Adam or Shyla depending on who was awake I could not help but think, “We are not done down here yet”. We arrived safely back to the church parking lot around 4am just in time for a short nap before church breakfast at 8am.

Through it all we had a plan, BUT God also had a plan. We were not the only group down there from out of state in fact we were the only group down there from our area. What is also so amazing is that we were actually partnering with Jamie Dykes and a small team she was traveling with. Throughout the day we talked and text but for reasons bigger than us we never did catch up with each other. While divided by miles sometimes even 50-60 miles we were still there on one mission. Meeting the needs of others as we best saw fit. In some instances we were just behind or in front of them as our teams made stops throughout the area. What we did not know was that God was working in our hearts and minds planning the next trip before we even had time to reflect on the last one.

After a little rest on that Sunday afternoon my mind was already made up that we were heading back and I knew the weekend. Monday morning at 9:33 I text Jamie, “Praying about a return trip Labor Day weekend. Our church collected a lot of supplies as well as going to try to figure out a work place.” Her response just a minute later “NO WAY ROB??? We are going down the second!! It’s emmas birthday and she wants to do a big drive and take friends down for her birthday. That’s amazing!!!” So now we know we are making a return trip back. Back to where and for what  you ask? That will have to wait for another day!

God had planned for this the entire time. You see just like we said our trailer is full we got all we can take, I had said this was my only weekend I won’t be able to make a return trip before the New Year. When we think we are full and can’t fit anything else into our schedule, God will rearrange and reorganize and make room if it is His will. hammond policesupplies hammond


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