Don’t just listen Obey! Part 2

We pulled out of Jose’s neighborhood headed to the the drop point of all our supplies only to find out that they were closing for the day and we needed to go to plan B, or C not sure at this point. So after talking with Jamie we decided to head North to Browns Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in Tangipahoa Perish. On the way there we called the pastor and asked what his greatest needs were because we felt like we needed to meet those needs, but that God was not finished with our trailer of supplies yet. Remember those 50 bottles of bleach, well the pastor said the thing they needed the most was cleaning supplies specifically bleach. Only God knew that we would need that extra bleach and He was allowing us a glimpse into His plan. Once again as we drove we did not see any signs of flood until we turned off Highway 51 onto 440 we pulled behind the pastors truck as he encouraged us to follow him to our location. One thing I will never forget as we pulled in all we saw was smiling faces. We would later find out that most of the people that we saw and that helped us unload the trailer had lost most if not everything they owned but yet they were smiling helping others. We dropped the door to the trailer and began to unload bleach, cleaning supplies, toiletries blankets, diapers, paper towels, toilet paper and much more. As we unloaded they had us carry the items into their sanctuary, that is when we realized that even their church flooded and they were in the process of pulling up their floor in between helping their community. They are truly being the Light of the World to their community. Before we left we circled up in front of their sanctuary and prayed. I had the opportunity to pray specifically for their pastor and over their entire community.  We hugged and as we said our goodbyes I noticed a little boy playing with a broken train track on the ground. I bent down and talked with him and asked him if he was having fun. He just smiled and said yes. His mom was sitting there with him and told me that all his cars and trains had gotten taken with the flood. It broke my heart to hear that this little boy’s toys had all been taken. Toys are the key to a child’s imagination and if a child does not have toys their imagination will be quenched. I played with the boy for a minute and then went to load up. That’s when I remembered the gentleman from the Walmart parking lot that pulled up and handed me $20.  I went to the van and pulled that $20 out of my pocket and walked back towards the mom and son. I put my arm around the mom and said please buy him some new cars and trains so he can continue to play and be a kid even in the midst of the storm.  As we drove off we past multiple trailers that had been major water damage. From roofs falling in and covers and siding falling it was a mess, but as we turned the corner we saw multiple mobile homes turned over from the water rising and moving the foundation of the homes and when the water finally went away their was no where for the trailer to rest back on so it fell over. This area was hit just as bad as the first area we were in. The only difference is that the first area could afford full sized homes and the second were just struggling to survive with what they have. They flood had no bias as to where it was going to strike. Black, white, upper class, middle class or low class everyone in the area was effected. As we got on the road and headed to our final stop we realized now more than ever that we needed to listen to God and go where he sent us. I decided to pull off the interstate at the Hammond exit and we did some research on where to drop the supplies off and were told the Hammond Police Department. Once again not a planned stop but following and being obedient to what we hear. browns chapel


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